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1. Svetlana Petrovska,
MSc in Environmental Protection
CeProSARD Manager
2. Ivana Petkanovska,
Engineer Architect
Head of EE and RES Department
3. Angelika Gjorgon,
Engineer Architect
Urban Planning Specialist
4. Aleksandar Avrosievski,
Civil Engineer
Sector for Environmental Protection
5. Tea Teveva,
Bachelor of Marketing
Business development and marketing department
6. Ivana Topalovska Jovicic,
MSc in Architecture
EE and RES Department
7. Marina Filiposka,
M.Sc. in Agribusiness and Business Administration, PhD c.
External associate for agriculture and rural development
8. Marija Mojsovska,
Environmental impact assessment Department

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st. “1550“ n. 8а, Vizbegovo Skopje

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+ 389 2 3061 391


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