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The Republic of Macedonia has the opportunity to produce biogas that will be used as a renewable energy source. For easier calculation of the cost of investment, time required for returning of the invested funds, profit etc, you can download the biogas calculator from our website and you can do these calculations for your farm by yourself.

You can download the Biogas Calculator HEREIf you see this message when you download the Biogas calculator:

then choose "KEEP"

You can download the instruction manual HERE.

Default language of the Calculator is English. If you want to download the biogas calculator in other languages (Slovenian, Italian, Belgian, Spanish, Polish, French, German) you can do that by clicking on:

Manual for production and use of biogas you can download on:

The biogas calculator is made from the project “Promotion of biogas and its market development through local and regional partnerships”, implemented by RenhardSIX – Regional agency for energy and ecology, financed by Intelligent Energy Europe (IEE)
Видео материјал од пилот проектите од проектот Агроенергија

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