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CSO CeProSARD, part of the local working group of the project “To make heating and cooling for European consumers efficient, economically acceptable, clean and climate acceptable“ – REPLACE, second meeting

The second meeting of the working group for the KAGoP region within the REPLACE project was organized on November 20 by SDEWES-Skopje. The meeting was held through the ZOOM platform in order to present the past and future activities of the project, as well as to determine which are the most relevant campaigns that should be implemented in our target region.

Besides the organizer CSO SDEWES Skopje, the working group includes with its representatives the civil society organizations CeProSARD, Habitat and ZLEK and representatives from the municipalities of Karpos, Gjorce Petrov and Aerodrom, as well as a representative from FEEIT. The local working group has a key role in the implementation of all field activities and in the promotion of current and future events.

The project is implemented with the financial support of the EU, through the Horizon 2020 Program.

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