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Second Steering Committee Meeting held within the project “Together for introduction of more opportunities and respect“ - TIMOR

On October 07, in hotel Bellevue in Skopje, the second of the four planned Steering Committee meetings was held within the implementation of the project “Together for introduction of more opportunities and respect“ - TIMOR.

The meeting was addressed by the Program Manager from the EU Skopje - Mr. Nafi Saracini, and Mr. Vladimir Lazovski from the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy. Part of the topics covered in the discussion were the implemented activities in the past period, with special emphasis on the methodology of field work in times of pandemic аnd the activities implemented for raising the public awareness on the acceptance of persons with disabilities in the community.

The meeting also led to a joint discussion on the implementation of future planned activities within the project related to the process of mapping potential facilities for the formation of small group homes and the Protocol for entry into SI Demir Kapija, as well as the need for cooperation among all the projects from grant scheme and MoLSP.

In addition to representatives of the members of the consortium, Ms. Maja Krstevska - Center for Adult Education and representatives from the MoLSP also attended the SC meeting.
The project is implemented by CeProSARD in consortium with:
- Association of special educators and rehabilitators of the Republic of North Macedonia;
- Special Institute “Demir Kapija”;
- Municipality of Demir Kapija and
- Loza Foundation, Sweden

The project is funded by the European Delegation in duration of 36 months.

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