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Work meeting at SI Demir Kapija for the needs of the activity - preparation of Analysis of the current situation of the institution - Project “Together for introduction of more opportunities and respect” - TIMOR

On 02.09.2020 part of the project implementation unit of the project “Together for introduction of more opportunities and respect”- TIMOR, together with the engaged experts for preparation of the Analysis of the current situation in the Special Institute Demir Kapija, were on a working on-site visit in order to inspect the overall condition and process the necessary documents for development of the activity.

Respecting the measures for protection and prevention of the Covid-19 virus, the current situation in SI Demir Kapija was inspected through conversations with the employees of the Institution, review of the necessary documentation and inspection of the institutional capacities.

The project is implemented by CeProSARD as a lead applicant, in consortium with:
• Association of special educators and rehabilitators of the Republic of North Macedonia;
• Special Institute “Demir Kapija”;
• Municipality of Demir Kapija and
• Loza Foundation, Sweden

The project is funded by the European Delegation.

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