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CSO CeProSARD continues with the implementation of the project “Fostering Rural and Environmental Tourism through Smart Tourist Information Centres / FRET-STIC” in Tetovo

On 16.03.2020 the Tourist info center facility was mounted by the Company for production, construction, trade and services Aluminka DOO export-import Skopje.

The Tourist info center is made in accordance with the activities of the project “Fostering rural and environmental tourism through SMART tourist information centres FRET-STIC“. The project is co-financed by the European Union in accordance with the rules of the Cross-Border Cooperation Program Kosovo - Republic of N. Macedonia, implemented by the CSO Center for Promotion of Sustainable Agricultural Practices and Rural Development - CeProSARD Skopje as a Leader Applicant and the Municipality of Tetovo from Republic of N. Macedonia and Regional Development Agency South - RDA South, from Prizren, Kosovo

Implementing organizations/institutions:
• CeProSARD as leading organization, in partnership with the
• Municipality of Tetovo and
• Regional Development Agency South – RDA South, Kosovo

European Union

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