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Third Consultation Meeting of organized within the FRET-STIC project on 27 November 2019 in Tetovo

The partners of the project“Fostering Rural and Environmental Tourism through Smart Tourist Information Centres” / FRET-STIC, CeProSARD Skopje, Municipality of Tetovo and RDA South (Kosovo), organized the Third consultation meeting with stakeholders from the cross-border region and the Third Steering Committee Meeting.

The event was organized on November 27, 2019, at NB Hotel and SPA in Tetovo. It was attended by representatives from several municipalities in the region, tourism organizations and tourist clusters, civic associations, etc.

In addition to the review of the status of the activities that have been implemented so far, the project team presented the Platform for Smart Tourist Info Centers (STIC Platform) developed within the project. The STIC Platform is one of the key activities of the project aimed at networking of the newly constructed and existing Tourist Information Centers in the Sharra Region.

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