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The CeProSARD team at Coordination from which a working synergy arises

Today, June 24, 2019, a joint meeting was held with all involved parties in the process of the Valorization and Revaluation Values Study in NP Pelister, as part of the preparation of New Management Plan of NP Pelister, a project financed by the Fund PONT (PRESPA OHRID NATURE TRUST).

The meeting discussed the current activities undertaken by DEKONS-EMA (the consulting company that implements preparation of the Valorization / Revaluation Values Study in NP Pelister (in cooperation with the scientific workers engaged through the MES (Macedonian Ecological Society) and other consultants.
In order to achieve full synergy, besides the support of the Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning, the NGO “CeProSard“ and “Balkan Foundation for sustainable development“ took part in the working meeting, which implemented projects on the territory of NP Pelister, financed by the EU, and financially coordinated by UNDP.

In addition, the meeting also discussed the agreed joint activities of NP Pelister and DEKONS-EMA with the Twinning Project for the preparation of the Natura 2000 Management Plan for the NP Pelister areas (pilot region), in which the UNDP and several domestic experts participate . In order to achieve full synergy, besides the support of the Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning, at the working meeting participated organizations that currently implement projects on the territory of the Park - CeProSARD (which in cooperation with the Park implements the project “Support for improved management of natural resources in NP “Pelister“ as well as the “Balkan Foundation for Sustainable Development“. The projects of these two organizations are financed by the EU and are implemented with the support of UNDP and MEPP.

At the meeting, a representative of the Fund for development of the Ohrid - Prespa region PONT also gave some assistance as the main financier for the implementation of the Valorization/Revaluation of Values of NP Pelister Study, within which through donation will be financed the preparation of the New management plan of NP Pelister, with the support of the Twinning Project, UNDP, as well as by its own employed staff engagements of NP Pelister.

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